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Healthcare has been a part of my life since I was a teenager!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

I started volunteering in a nursing home that my grandmother worked for at age 14 pushing folks around in their wheelchairs, helping with exercises, etc. My father passed away at 39, and it was a long road for me after that! I started out working as a nurse aide as soon as I turned 16 yrs old and worked as one for several years, at age 20 I became an EMT and I started teaching CPR/ FA for American Red Cross however now I teach for the American Heart Association. I started in the Fire Department where I became a medical lieutenant for many years. I also raised my first 3 children at this time, then decided to further my education in 1999 and took a Paramedic course, and worked for a hospital-based ALS ambulance for close to 9 years. I worked for another top-secret ALS ambulance service for 8 years part-time while I worked as a Safety & Health Specialist full-time for a factory for 7 years while raising my 3 stepchildren and my youngest daughter Gracie. I took an Instructor Coordinator course back in 2005 and started assisting with MFR and EMT courses as well as proctoring state exams. I have been the lead instructor for several First Responder courses and Basic EMT courses. I recently just worked as a paramedic in a nearby county for about 6 years but put that to rest finally!

I now work full-time for Home MD Housecall Services as an EMT-P/ Liaison. I also work as an Education Coordinator for my own business Excellence in EMS, I teach EMS courses, continuing education, and American Heart Association courses as well! I guess I have dedicated my life to healthcare but I love it.

I have grandchildren now and I am remodeling my grandfather's home for myself to live in, I am planning to finish my nursing degree and get into a job with a little different pace soon and continue going forward with my healthcare career!

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